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Nebula and the Soft Machine, TextielMuseum, Tilburg (NL), 2016 pijl
  Nebula and the Soft Machine, exhibition 'Fringes of Beauty' (Rafelranden van Schoonheid)
TextielMuseum, Tilburg (NL), 03/12/2016 - 28/05/2017
Material: Lasercut felt, leafcatchers, coloured wires and knitted structures
Photo: Josefina Eikenaar
In 2015 the TextielMuseum gave me the possibilty to work on a commission for their collection.
I developed the work 'Nebula and the Soft Machine'. In the exhibition this work grows into a complete installation.
The work was made in the TextielLab, the in-house workplace of the TextielMuseum.