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Liquid Garden (detail), Centraal Museum, Utrecht (NL), 2016 pijl

'Liquid Garden', Centraal Museum, Utrecht (NL), 2016
Material: lasercut felt and laser cut steel, plastic leaf catchers, coloured wires
Photos: Ernst Moritz

Centraal Museum in Utrecht invited artist Tanja Smeets to make an installation in the staircase of the old Tower, next to the Restaurant. The result is 'Liquid Garden', a work that connects the outside world to the museumspace.
'Liquid Garden' is made of lasercut felt, plastic leaf catchers and coloured wires, grows on the walls and the ceilings. Smaller parts, made of laser cut steel, grow on the outside of the Tower. The museum has purchased the work for their Collection. For the next 3 years the installation can be seen in the Tower.

Liquid Garden, Centraal Museum, Utrecht (NL), 2016