Chain Reaction, site-specific sculpture Rendorppark, Heemskerk (NL), 2010 pijl
Chain Reaction, site-specific sculpture Rendorppark, Heemskerk (NL), 2010

'Chain Reaction' (Two Chairs and a Stool), site-specific sculpture Rendorppark, Mozartstraat/Verlengde Baandert, Heemskerk (NL), 2010
Material: knotted metal chains, welded together by DOK and galvanized by NEDCOAT Amsterdam, 1.00 x 1.50 x 0.60 m
Commissioned by: City Council Heemskerk (NL)
Photos: Tanja Smeets

The Rendorppark on the outskirts of Heemskerk is a semi-rural neighbourhood with distinquished freestanding houses arranged in a landscaped cul-de-sac.
The street curves in a large loop around an elongated pond. The neighbourhood is surrounded by a waterway that widens at the rear to create another pond. Tanja Smeets was asked to make an artwork for this site.
Across the meadows is a view of Castricum. To the right is Uitgeest; to the left in the distance are dunes, the beach and the sea.

'This seems like the end of the inhabited world and I wanted to make something here that people can sit on.
The sculpture has to have a connection with the water and the algae that is almost impenetrable at the end of the summer.
My attention was caught by a pile of metal chains: I saw flowing metal. By knotting them together I made a gnarled construction that, welded at certain points, is strong enough to serve as a chair.'

The construction in the Rendorppark has the look of a Rococo piece of furniture, something between a chair and a sofa, but it has lost something of its chic appeal. Because the metal has been galvanized, the sculpture has developed a skin that suggests it has been submerged in the water and is semi-decayed.
Apart from a place to sit down, it has become a vanitas still life that chains the passer-by mentally as well as physically.