Untitled, Waterrijk, Woerden (NL), 2009 pijl

Untitled, Waterrijk, Woerden (NL), 2009

Untitled, Facade Stones, Waterrijk, Woerden, Veluwemeer en Tornemeer (NL), 2009
Material: ceramic and brick, 0.65 x 1.60 x 0.25 m
Commissioned by: City Council Woerden and CBK Utrecht
Photos: Adriaan van Dam

Woerden's new residential neighbourhood, Waterrijk, has been designed to have a relationship with the existing town. But there are still big differences between the old town - whose irregularity is the result of organic historical development - and the new neighbourhood. The differences begin with the 'skin' of the new houses, which do not yet have 'wrinkles': discolouration, cracks or strange growths. The new bricks are fresh and clean.
Tanja Smeets was commissioned to create a link between the old and new by means of an intervention in the facades of the houses.

'In this new neighbourhood, I wanted to show frictions that appear to be the result of another growth process, something that has its own evolution and its own form. I'm looking for life beneath the beautiful, smooth surface and allow that life to eat its way around the neatly arranged bricks.'

The result is a cluster of bright-orange, strangely shaped, glazed stones, which displace the bricks at the corner of the houses. There is no clear boundary between the sculpture and the architecture: the sculpture nestles in the seams of the architecture. Or conversely: the architecture gives birth to its own sculpture.